About Us

At KOSON Schools we put innovation in the center of learning to unleash the potential of all students and prepare them for an exponentially changing world.

KOSON Schools is a network of charter schools, based in Highlands Ranch, Colo., that provide students access to a free, public charter learning community that exists to innovate education in order to prepare every student to lead change, solve problems and succeed in an exponentially changing world.

The name KOSON is the blend of the infinitely expanding and quantum power of the HIGGS BOSON with the kinetic power of our exponential learning model.

Our KOSON Instructional Model of Problem-Based Learning is the secret sauce that makes our school so special. It is what excites our students, our staff and our families.

Our Mission

Never Stop Innovating.

Our Vision

We envision a world of exponential possibilities where every child develops the innate knowledge, skills, creativity and character to thrive, lead and succeed in an ever-changing future.

Our Goal

Our goal is not only to prepare students to thrive in the constant world of reinvention, but to lead it.

Core Beliefs

Creating an environment of respect and success in an exponentially changing world.
Nurturing unlimited human potential.
Leveraging the power of collaboration through continuous inquiry and experimentation.
Optimizing resources and operations.
Impacting the world ethically and positively.
Relentlessly reinvent and adapt.

Our History

Founded in 2017 as a vision for future schools, KOSON Schools became a reality in 2022 as it pursued replication of its flagship campus, STEM School Highlands Ranch, in both the Douglas County School District (STEM School Sterling Ranch) and the Denver Public School District (STEM School Denver).

Who We Are

We are a leading designer of Exponential Learning Communities that put innovation in the center of learning to unleash the exponential potential of every child, and prepare them for an exponentially changing world.

Our Exponential Commitment to Never Stop Innovating creates a constant state of kinetic energy, movement, expansion, excitement and emerging discovery – in every classroom, every day for every child.

Our Exponential Schools push the boundaries of teaching and learning into new realms in order to unlock the unlimited potential of every student.

We foster innovation by teaching concepts, not facts, tapping students, not chalkboards. We foster fearless risk taking, safe failure and out-of-the-box thinking in every aspect of learning.

We are more than a school: We are a think tank, a learning lab, a catalyst for creativity. We are a haven for continual innovation, creative exploration and rigorous discovery. We defy definition and break with convention. Because that’s what innovators do.